Food Ideas

I have always hated cooking. Eating? I love eating, but cooking not so much. So it has been quite a surprise recently that I have felt this great desire to prepare and eat… Continue reading


As a champion ruminator I have been trying out a few different techniques to deal with repetitive thoughts: 1. Be mindful. I have started meditating daily for 20 minutes using the Headspace app.… Continue reading


In my current mid-life crisis, limbo land, I love finding people who are really good at something small because my own ambitions are so… non existent. I’m not interested in big high achievers.… Continue reading

A Blog Post

My Over 40 Style Blog page is the most popular page on this site, and one of my rules is that I remove blogs from this list that have more than one post… Continue reading

Blog Nostalgia Part Two

After revisiting some old favourite sites the other day, I got inspired to revisit some other blogs that I sort of lost contact with. Like an old friend that moved away, and I… Continue reading

Blog Nostalgia

I thought I’d revisit a couple of old favourites to see how they are doing. Firstly, Dooce. This was the site that started me reading blogs. I started reading back when Heather was… Continue reading


I absolutely love this kitchen that I saw on Houzz today. Our kitchen cabinet doors and bench tops are this same colour. It’s a dark industrial grey. We don’t have this layout or… Continue reading

White + Boyfriend

I bought a pair of white boyfriend jeans, because I think they look good in summer. Now that I have bought them, I keep on thinking: “The Level of difficulty is high.” I… Continue reading