A Blog Post

My Over 40 Style Blog page is the most popular page on this site, and one of my rules is that I remove blogs from this list that have more than one post… Continue reading

Blog Nostalgia Part Two

After revisiting some old favourite sites the other day, I got inspired to revisit some other blogs that I sort of lost contact with. Like an old friend that moved away, and I… Continue reading

Blog Nostalgia

I thought I’d revisit a couple of old favourites to see how they are doing. Firstly, Dooce. This was the site that started me reading blogs. I started reading back when Heather was… Continue reading


I absolutely love this kitchen that I saw on Houzz today. Our kitchen cabinet doors and bench tops are this same colour. It’s a dark industrial grey. We don’t have this layout or… Continue reading

White + Boyfriend

I bought a pair of white boyfriend jeans, because I think they look good in summer. Now that I have bought them, I keep on thinking: “The Level of difficulty is high.” I… Continue reading

Two Minds

There was an interesting article in the SMH today about dieting, habits and willpower. I liked the way it described the disconnect between the conscious and unconscious brains in terms of building habits.… Continue reading


I absolutely love clothes shopping in The Netherlands. It must be what average height people feel like when they go shopping. Sleeves are long enough. Dress waists are in the right place. It… Continue reading

So Far, So Good

So I started my journaling experiment. The results so far have been interesting. I think. Good interesting. In summary: 1) More happy thoughts about fun things. 2) Less mean thoughts about self. Like… Continue reading