Small Packages

I haven’t posted any shop finds for ages. I have been busy at work and trying not to spend and trying not to fill my house with clutter. But a few small things… Continue reading


My family is lucky enough to be in a position to not need anything for christmas. So every year there is this feeling of guilt and disgust over the decadence of the day.… Continue reading

Christmas Reading

I find christmas so stressful. I don’t know why. I love guiltless shopping. It should be like heaven. My preferred approach with family is to get one thing I know they like and… Continue reading

Our minds are all we have

“If you are perpetually angry, depressed, confused, and unloving, or your attention is elsewhere, it won’t matter how successful you become or who is in your life – you won’t enjoy any of… Continue reading


I am currently doing the Appreciation series on my Headspace app. So every day I spend 20 minutes focusing on my feelings of appreciation and gratitude. I am finding that as the days… Continue reading


I am completely hooked on the Serial podcasts. Every week we hear more of the story of Adnan and Hae and Jay. I am impressed at how well the story is structured. The… Continue reading


My daily Headspace session helps get me out of my thoughts and notice reality.

The answer is…

I’ve been trying to stop the 5 o’clock wine for a while now. I stop and then I start. The difficulty has been working out the reason for it. Why can’t I stop… Continue reading

Food Ideas

I have always hated cooking. Eating? I love eating, but cooking not so much. So it has been quite a surprise recently that I have felt this great desire to prepare and eat… Continue reading