I am completely hooked on the Serial podcasts. Every week we hear more of the story of Adnan and Hae and Jay. I am impressed at how well the story is structured. The… Continue reading


My daily Headspace session helps get me out of my thoughts and notice reality.

The answer is…

I’ve been trying to stop the 5 o’clock wine for a while now. I stop and then I start. The difficulty has been working out the reason for it. Why can’t I stop… Continue reading

Food Ideas

I have always hated cooking. Eating? I love eating, but cooking not so much. So it has been quite a surprise recently that I have felt this great desire to prepare and eat… Continue reading


As a champion ruminator I have been trying out a few different techniques to deal with repetitive thoughts: 1. Be mindful. I have started meditating daily for 20 minutes using the Headspace app.… Continue reading


In my current mid-life crisis, limbo land, I love finding people who are really good at something small because my own ambitions are so… non existent. I’m not interested in big high achievers.… Continue reading

A Blog Post

My Over 40 Style Blog page is the most popular page on this site, and one of my rules is that I remove blogs from this list that have more than one post… Continue reading

Blog Nostalgia Part Two

After revisiting some old favourite sites the other day, I got inspired to revisit some other blogs that I sort of lost contact with. Like an old friend that moved away, and I… Continue reading