Magazine indulgence

Long weekends are for lying on the sofa, eating too much chocolate and reading magazines.

I have cured myself of my magazine addiction, but every now and then I like to indulge. It feels so decadent to waste my money on a bit of trash.

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I love this clutch from Mint Velvet. Although it looks a little bit too big for me.


I like the buckles and the strap. I reckon the colours are neutral enough that you could wear them with most things. I’ve had light coloured bags in the past that got dirty really fast but I think the grey is dark enough to avoid this.

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Song of Style

I saw this at Song of Style and now I am obsessed. I want this bag.




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Fantasy shopping

If I could just buy any clothes I wanted, here is what I’d be buying.

Firstly this jacket from Trenery with the round cut and the buttons. I love a button.

trenery 1

I love ponchos but they don’t suit my wide shoulders. I think this jacket from Marcs would be OK though.


My slippers got ruined so I’m looking for a new pair. Must have a tassel, like this pair from Sportscraft.



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Easter is almost here. My favourite time of the year!


Chocolate at easter tastes so much better than at any other time of the year. My two favourite chocolates are Lindt bunnies and Whittakers Dairy Milk. I have Whittakers throughout the year but Lindt bunnies are a once a year event.

gold-bunny-lindt supermarket_wit_creamy_milk


In Australia, Easter is in autumn. So the shops are full of woollens. So two of my favourite things appear at the same time of the year! Fluffy woollens AND chocolate. No wonder I love it.


Lying in bed.

I know you aren’t meant to lie in bed all day. It is meant to make you more depressed. It is bad sleep hygiene. It’s a waste of the day. But sometimes – especially when it is raining – there is nothing better than staying in bed. At least until lunch time.


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