I absolutely love my new handbag from Fossil. I am wondering if this is my favourite bag ever. I absolutely love the colour. The leather is gorgeous (all Fossil bags have the best… Continue reading

Belted Tops

A flattering style can be the belted top. But if, like me, you have no waist you have to be careful which styles you choose.  Key things that work for me are: Thick… Continue reading


I really like vintage scarves. Rumisu makes the most amazing scarves. Great patterns, similar to vintage scarves, plus good sizing so they work well as head or neck scarves. Unfortunately they are outside… Continue reading

Bucket List

I’m not planning on dying any time soon, but I have felt the need to write a bucket list recently. I’m kind of curious as to what would be on it since I’ve… Continue reading


This skirt has such great pockets that I don’t care how it looks, how it doesn’t suit my body type, it’s too short, I have no waist. It has pockets!    Now the… Continue reading

Denim skirt

In winter I wear jeans all the time because I feel so comfortable in them. It is hard to force myself to wear something else. In summer, my denim skirt gets worn a… Continue reading


I saw these shoes in the Wittner window the other day.   They are the perfect take on the laced shoe trend. The slightly thicker straps on the side make these shoes look… Continue reading


I have been researching face and skin care stuff you need to survive chemo, and it occurs to me that a lot of this stuff is useful whether you have cancer or not.… Continue reading

Motivation Theories

One technique I use when working towards a goal, and I’m getting nowhere, is to do research on that topic. I just google related ideas and see what comes up. I don’t know.… Continue reading