Happy Friday! Here’s a great read to kick off the friday joy from Glennon at Momastery. Glennon’s writing is funny. I can’t decide if it is a bit cheesy or a bit cool… Continue reading

Brain Rules

I have been reading Brain Rules by John Medina. I think this book has to be one of the best manuals for human beings that I’ve read so far. It explains so many fascinating details… Continue reading

Healthy Diet Paradox

The paradox with healthy eating is that you don’t want to end up labelling food “bad”, but at the same time you want to make healthier food choices. My diet “research” (I have… Continue reading


Are you freaking kidding me? I can’t believe how many good clothes there are at Plumo and how little I can afford them.     Cruel, cruel world. I am buying a lottery… Continue reading

Passing The Time

I’ve updated my list of Over 40 Style blogs. Most of the traffic to Likes of Me is visiting this list. I’m glad other people find my list useful. There are so many… Continue reading

Self Control

As part of my efforts to improve my eating I have been doing some thinking and internet research.  To start with I wanted to go back to basics and question what was involved… Continue reading

Sunday Morning

I have spent this morning lying in bed browsing the Vogue Paris FW Street Style pictures. I lived in France for a year, many, many years ago. The sight of the trees and the… Continue reading

Motivational quotes

Do they work? Do they help?  Scientific studies have shown that they help positive people, but cynical people are actually put off by them. I think there is more to it than that.… Continue reading


Another day, another school thing to cook for. This week it was Harmony Day. Every kid had to bring a food related to their family’s country of origin. Luckily my father in law… Continue reading