When toddlers become teens

I am by no means an amazing parent but I have been blessed with a child who is an angel. Even angels have to go through the teenage years though, and it is… Continue reading


Next time I want to treat myself, I will be revisiting Victoria Emerson. I love the boho bracelets with clasps. The wraps are gorgeous too.

Style Crush: Cindy Crawford

Of all the celebrities, Cindy Crawford and Elle Macpherson are the two 80s/90s models that have the body shape resembling mine – only 4 dress sizes smaller. Still I find both inspiration and… Continue reading

Over 40 Style

I have gone through my list of Over 40 Style blogs and updated it a bit. The biggest surprise was how many blogs are no more – I removed 9 sites from my… Continue reading

I like quotes

I know they are cheesy. But I do believe that repeating positive affirmations helps to rewire our brains.


There are many things I dislike about Australia but also lots of things to love. One thing I love is our language. We are so influenced by America and England, yet still maintain… Continue reading

Style crush: Margaret Zhang

I have a strange pleasure in looking at all the silly Fashion Week outfits. I love seeing how fashion insiders experiment with new fashions. One person who gets it mostly right is Margaret… Continue reading

I like trainers

In the age of online shopping, a good brand makes purchasing easier as you trust whatever they will deliver meets your expectations. One such company for me is Blowfish shoes, which just work… Continue reading

I like a tall tote

So my hunt for the perfect tote bag continues… I want something with a shoulder strap, thin, not too bulky, a rectangle in portrait mode, lined, with some pockets, no cutesy patterns, professional… Continue reading