I found John O’Donohue’s poetry today. It’s useful to have inspiring hopeful words some days. The world isn’t all bad. We can still send each other wishes for meadows of […]

No Planet B

I have been reading Sarah Wilson’s new book This One Wild and Precious Life – A Hopeful Path Forward in a Fractured World. It’s not an easy read to begin […]

New to Shopbop

I love a good fantasy shop at Shopbop. This week’s imaginary purchases aren’t too crazy. Still way out of my budget and nothing I need, but I would buy them […]


Winter is most definitely still here in Sydney. So what better time to look for summer sandals? My excuse? They take a while to wear in. I prefer not to […]

Playing with fire

I love looking at the What’s New section of Shopbop. It’s playing with fire because I see so many things I love. Generally though I can’t afford anything I like. […]