I like myself

Despite being so very very old, I feel like I am only beginning to understand myself. I have been reading Alain de Botton’s book Status Anxiety, which I found at just the right… Continue reading

I like little treats

When times are tough, I am tempted to buy little presents to cheer myself up. Funny books. Jewellery. Pom poms. Or a new phone case.

I like reading

In an attempt to get back into reading, I have decided to go back and read my favourite books. My childhood favourite – The Dark is Rising – is a series of five… Continue reading

I like ruminating

It is school holidays here and Facebook is full of overseas holiday images. The envy is killing me. Then I ask myself – why? – and explore the source of my envy. I’ve… Continue reading

I like to ski

No. I take that back. I love to ski more than anything else in the world. I would ski every day if I could. I’m quite curious in fact to know if I… Continue reading

I like energy bites

I like to better myself

I like learning…

…how the brain works … about learning websites

I like being lazy