As a tall person, with a bad back, I wear trainers a lot.

The three brands I love are: Superga, Vans and Converse. As with everything, I like a certain style and I stick with it. Just change the colours.

The brands shown here:

  • The Vans (bottom right) are the most comfortable in terms of inside padding. They are my most “formal” sneaker.
  • I have “Chuck Taylor All Stars” Converse (not shown). They are dark grey. They look more casual. The ones I have shown here (top right) are “Chuck Taylor All Star OxConverse. I like them more. More my style (rut).
  • The bottom left – the Ash – is STILL on its way. I bought them back in July. UPDATE: They arrived. They are now my favourites.
  • I have a pair of white Superga (top left). You can’t wear white trainers with everything. My rules for them are: only skinny jeans or shorts. If skinny jeans must wear white shirt. If winter white shirt must be collared (so you can see the white) or you need a scarf with white.

I have lost the plot. Really. Who thinks this much?
But it’s important says a tiny inner voice. If you wear white shoes the wrong way they look teerrrible.