Ballet Flats

Just so you know – I don’t spend my whole life in trainers. I wish! I spend more time in ballet flats.

I like the “tipped” shoes that are around this season.

This striped blue pair from Diana Ferrari i is a nod to that but with a rounded toe.

I do prefer a rounded toe to a point. Points are so mean.

This glitter pair on the other hand are pretty in your face.

But sometimes you need some bling.

Especially when you are too tall and your back is too broken to wear heels. Sigh.

French Sole FS/NY

The most wearable colour I reckon is actually a brown ballet flat. It works with most things and is just a bit more interesting than a black shoe.  At the moment I have (fake) brown snake skin flats which I can wear to work because the pattern is so subtle. Personally I am not a fan of the leopard skinny jeans I’ve seen about, but I would go a leopard flat (but I’m not sure they’d make it to work).

The things I can’t stand in ballet flats (or any shoe for that matter) is: big bows (maybe a shoestring bow. maybe), toe cleavage (erk!) and weird “heels”. I also can’t stand cheap cardboard shoes that you wear twice and the shoe falls apart. My last cheap pair (I’ll ever purchase), I walked home from the city in them (45 minute walk) and they had fallen apart by the end. Cost per wear $40.