Red shoes?

My profound thinking this morning has been about what a mistake red shoes are.

Dull red shoes I mean.                                           Not fancy red shoes.

I realised that with the dull red shoes, whenever I wear them I feel like an “older invisible lady”, wearing something in a bold colour but still in a safe, boring granny design. Like that ‘I will wear purple‘ poem. Only red. (The problem isn’t with the wearing colour but with the attitude of a) feeling invisible and b) caring what other people think and c) that so much of the world judges by appearance). Just kinda sad really. And not something that you want to be reminded of every time you put on your shoes.

I think red shoes demand an equally colourful and/or in-your-face outfit.

Red shoes aren’t for beginners. Much easier to buy silver.

In theory they all look fine. It’s that moment when you walk out the door in the morning.

Picture it.

Do you feel like a granny? or are they just a pair of shoes – who cares?

(images from The Iconic)

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