More thinking….

More thinking….

dark clouds

As someone who embraces a lot of buddhist concepts, this blog – my own blog – is quite troubling. I had no idea I was so attached to fashion! Attachment is what leads us to so much unhappiness. Buying these “things” is not the answer.

So in some respects this blog is good – it is making me more self-aware. More mindful. There is something about writing things down, and looking back, that is better than just remembering.

On the other hand, there is a part of me that challenges this idea that liking fashion is silly. Part of buddhism is about paying attention without judging.

Maybe the point of this blog is for me to accept this part of myself rather than trying to suppress it?

I also wonder – what is the point of “it all”, if not attachment? Aren’t all the best things in life about getting attached? Love. Home. Friends. Family. Is attachment to them so bad? Hmmm. Unfortunately this list doesn’t have clothes on it. Oops. So there goes that argument.

So why am I so obsessed? Should I be worried? Is this a harmless obsession? A creative outlet? A distraction from what I should really be doing?

Or… do I think too much?