Chunky Brogues

I love the tom-boy look that people like Alexa Chung sometimes wear, with the “chunky” brogues, and a skirt or ankle length skinnies. Either way, no socks.

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I love these Doc Martins pair:

Style 1461 Black from

But these Antoine + Stanley pair aren’t quite chunky enough (or are they?):

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I love these perfect brown ones (from The Old Curiosity Shop).

Why “chunky”? It’s a different look to the bowling or dancing shoes look.

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Wouldn’t Alexa look so much better with a “chunky” brogue?

Prada‘s platform lace-ups seem like the next step after the chunky brogue, but for me – even though Hanneli wears them – they are a step too far. Chunky, not platform.