Talk Talk

I have to say one of my favourite bands is Talk Talk.

Since we got Mog I’ve just been going nuts listening to music all the time. I love the Radio slider feature which goes from ‘Artist Only’ to ‘Similar Artists’. We don’t get Pandora in Australia and I’ve missed it since we moved back to Sydney. Mog is worth every penny (and it is pretty cheap).

My favourite song from Talk Talk (at the moment) is “Desire” from my favourite album The Spirit of Eden (1988). They definitely got better with age. Their first album The Party’s Over is their worst.

I like this quote from the ABC:

In their later years the band’s commercial appeal receded, but their critical reputation increased as they moved from synthpop to a more experimental form. Their final two albums, Spirit of Eden and Laughing Stock, were highly acclaimed and remain influential to experimental alternative rock genres, especially post-rock.

Yeah. Someone else thinks Talk Talk is not some pathetic synthpop band. For me, they are up there with Radiohead and Sigur Ros.

There is nothing better than a lazy weekend afternoon spent reading and listening to music.