Final Contenders

I think I am close to getting my “summer” handbag. The contenders are:

#1. This lovely one from Saba:

I love the snake leather. Just not sure about the blue. It wouldn’t “go with everything”. My inner-grannie coming out.

#2. This one from Witchery:

A good neutral colour. I’d probably get this – it is cheaper than the other two, but I can’t find a way to buy it without paying postage. I’m not doing that! I might have to go into the store. Shock horror.

#3. This one from Shopbop:

Very summery. A bit different. Just not sure how comfortable it would be in the hand, and I don’t like the shape as much.

Almost there! Just need to look a little bit more.

UPDATE: I bought number 2 – the one from Witchery. It was hard to find – I had to go to David Jones – but worth the effort. A really nice size.  I think I could almost fit my ipad in it. Good quality. Great versatile look.

I also looked the Saba one – number 1. It is the most beautiful colour. Gorgeous. But too fancy. I’m looking for something to take to a BBQ. This one is for someone who works in finance. So beautiful. I am not worthy.