Seven Rules

Yesterday there was this article in the Daily Mail with seven rules for dressing over 40:

1) invest in lingerie – good bras

2) flatter your waist – see below

3) flash your calves – don’t show knees

4) crop your jacket – wear a jacket rather than a cardigan.

5) trick your eye – big/interesting collars are best (or scarves)

6) keep in slinky – don’t wear tight clothes

7) less is more – wear a loose top with skinny jeans

I follow all these rules already except Rule 2. Rule 2 is about wearing a belt – which I never do for lack of waist.

We all have a waist hidden away somewhere and defining it is a good way to look chic in your 40s. You can use a belt with things you might not have thought to, such as shirts, cardigans and even coats. Structure is the key thing to bear in mind as you age. It helps to frame your body and face.

I find this idea quite challenging. I do try to wear a belt on occasion but always end up taking it off before I leave the house. I’m inspired by the picture in the article where she uses a jacket with the belt – where you get the impression of a waist but the jacket hides exactly how wide I, sorry she, is.

I’m just not sure cropped jackets (rule 4) go with a belt. I don’t wear formal jackets so I’m worried my jackets would look weird with a belt. I often wear scarves and surely you can’t wear a scarf AND a belt? Too much?

Maybe she needs a rule 8? – Don’t do all the rules at the same time.