Colour face off

Ok. Am obsessed by clothing colour versus hair colour.

Yellow. See how it highlights blond hair. Does nothing much for brunettes?

White. It highlights blond hair. Whereas it can look quite drab with brunettes. (Brunettes can wear white – just needs more thought or supermodel status).

And cream. Not even going to bother showing it with a brunette.

Black. Blonde = dating George. Brunette = just trying to blend in.

Orange. Blonde = weird. Brunette = cute.

Red. Blonde = tragic. Brunette = sexy ladee.

Purple. Blonde = pensioner at the bowling club (sorry!). Brunette = lovely.

Pink. Blonde = overwhelmed. Brunette = perfect.

Green. Blondes look sick (or look like they have green chlorine hair). Brunettes win.

Brown. Works for everyone (she needs different colour shoes in the blond photo).

Blue. Can’t go wrong. There’s a reason why it’s everyones’ favourite.

Grey. I used to love grey, but after this research, I’m not sure I can wear it ever again… They all need rescuing.

Light Pink. Neither blondes or brunettes look happy with it.