Today is going to be Awesome

I overuse the word “awesome” (as well as the word love). Especially at my age it is lame, but I can’t help myself. It’s fun to say. (There are worse problems in the world).

Today I found this blog: Today is Going to be Awesome. Lisa Congdon is a San Francisco artist. I’ve wasted lots of time reading her blog. I want her life! I’ve bookmarked it.

On October the 22nd she posted this T.S.Eliot quote that always makes me take a deep breath:

Lisa is one of the artists who contributed to this book I’ve just ordered, You Are So Loved. Can’t wait for it to arrive.

I love Dallas Clayton (who also contributed to this book). We have his An Awesome Book.

It sits on the coffee table and we read it every now and then. It always lifts your mood. I love his humour and the detailed drawings.

I hadn’t realised he had done heaps more books too. Off to Amazon!