Why Bother?

I’ve been thinking a lot recently ‘why blog?’ What started this train of thought was a comment on one site (Can’t find the reference, sorry) where a troll said something like: “Noone cares what a narcissist like you thinks”. It got me thinking about the point of blogs. Are they just online diaries written by narcissists?

For me it comes down to the question: Why do I read other people’s blogs?

  • I find “real people” more interesting than celebrities.
  • I love OOTD pictures
  • Over time I’ve built up a list of blogs that have similar interests and tastes to mine.
  • I’ve stopped reading magazines (pretty much) because they depress me. My blogroll doesn’t.

I really don’t care what other people think (apart from Seth Godin), but I do like to see what things/ideas/stuff/videos of cats other people like. I guess I’m looking for entertainment, not other people’s diaries (though sometimes they are train-crash entertaining).

So, I guess, I’ve started blogging to join these other voices, but also:

  • I like having a place where I record all the things that I like (so I don’t lose references, like above).
  • I like sharing my list in case it entertains someone else. Pass it on.
  • It is kind of like a gratitude journal in that each day I look for and think about things “I like” (so yeah there is a therapy component to it).
  • If nothing else I can read my own blog 😉

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