OOTD. Not.

Remember when saying “not” at the end of a sentence was cool?


I’m not going to start doing OOTD – like Atlantic Pacific or Kendi Everyday or even Everyday Mom Style – but I did want to post a few photos of purchases I love.


Because often when I’m deciding whether to buy something online I look around for pictures of real people wearing the items. (by the by… Have you ever compared clothes in a store to what they look like on a model and just been amazed at how terrible they look in real life?). So I thought I’d return the favour. So…

Here’s my Gap Utility jacket:

Here’s my beautiful Ash “Virgin-Bis” Desert Beige Canvas Sneaker:

My often worn Shell Top from Trenery (I normally cover my arms!) and I love these ‘Saleri’ shoes from Blowfish (Blowfish do some really nice flats. I will buy more from them):

My J Crew Keeper Chambray shirt (Great shirt):

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