FabSugar PFW Street Style

FabSugar has 500 Paris Fashion Week Street Snaps You Have to See. A brilliant collection of photos. I’ve just wasted the afternoon going through them. Of the 500 photos I thought these 16 were inspirational / wearable:

Slide 70 – love the shoes:

Slide 95 – the trench:

Slide 119 – everything except the eyewear:

Slide 166 – the jacket colour:

Slide 202 – the chunky silver:

Slide 213 – the more I look the weirder my taste is getting! I love the jacket and the boots with socks:

Slide 219 – so simple:

Slide 258 – this is the jacket I’ve been looking for:

Slide 287 – I really, really love these boots with the skirt:

Slide 408 – the folds on this coat are lovely:

Slide 414 – I just like this. The messy hair and nerdy jumper with the cute skirt:

Slide 425 – I like this style of jacket which I’ve seen a few times this year:

Slide 430 – great jeans, and hair part:

Slide 454 – this is my favourite look. I love the necklace with the subtle texture of the jacket:

Slide 460 – best leather jacket. love the top foldy thing and the tailoring:

Slide 480 – Nadia: