Trinny and Susannah

I am now on a mission to plan my wardrobe – before buying anything else. So I’ve started researching.

First stop is Trinny and Susannah with their tips on what suits your body shape.

Since last I saw T&S they have developed this theory of 12 body shapes – back in 2007. (Oops. A tad old). According to their theory I should be looking for:

  • Tops:         deep V, wide scoop, 3/4 sleeve, small print
  • Cardigans:   wrap, cross over
  • Jackets:      waisted, 3/4 length
  • Pants:         skinny or slim
  • Dresses:      low waist, small print
  • Skirts:        low waist, flared or A line
  • Belts:        Thick

I should be avoiding:

  • Tops:       baggy sacks, thin straps
  • Jackets:    double breasted
  • Pants:      wide legged
  • Belts:       Thin

So far, so good.

Here are all twelve of their body types:

  1. My top half is neat, but I hate my big bum and thighs (you’re a Skittle),
  2. Whatever I wear, I always feel big (read the Cello),
  3. My tummy dictates how I dress (we have great tips for Apples).
  4. My body is like a boy’s. I find it difficult to look feminine (read our advice for the Cornet).
  5. I feel most uncomfortable wearing a swimsuit because of my saddlebags and chunky calves (you are a Pear),
  6. With my shape, I always play it safe (reading the Column should sort you out),
  7. I’m really big up top, but people admire my legs (then you must be a Goblet),
  8. My bum is wider than my shoulders. I can never find a dress to fit (read the Bell),
  9. My boobs direct the way I dress (the classic Hourglass).
  10. I’ve got enormous knockers, and life was difficult growing up, but I ve learned to live with them (give thanks, you’re a Lollipop),
  11. I know I have a shape somewhere, but I can t seem to find it (don’t worry, a Brick can look so glamorous) or
  12. People find my figure sexy, but I sometimes just feel frumpy (that’s because you’re a Vase).

(By the by, have you read this sad article here? I do worry that an interest in fashion is an expensive hobby)