8 Essential Work Pieces

I’m trying to develop my own list of “Essential Pieces”. As I do bother to work sometimes, my list needs to include work items.

I found this list from The Grindstone8 Essential Work Pieces:

  1. Black blazer
  2. Pencil Skirt
  3. Day to Night Dress
  4. Good bra
  5. Timeless Jewellery – pearls, silver.
  6. Trench Coat – I don’t agree with this. Not for Australia anyway.
  7. A Good Pair of Heels – Even I have an emergency pair for first time meetings with new clients
  8. Great Handbag – I think logo’ed designer handbags are inappropriate. Timeless handbag I’d say.

It’s not a great list, I have to say. But it’s a start. I want a list so that when I wake up in the morning, I don’t stress about ‘what I’m going to wear’. It’s all there. Is that unrealistic?

I also couldn’t help but click on this link:

9 Fashion Blunders that will undermine your presence at work.

  1. Loud makeup
  2. Loud nails
  3. Bad roots
  4. Messy hair
  5. Visible underpants line
  6. No bra
  7. Ill fitting clothes (too tight)
  8. Too sexy
  9. Lipstick on teeth

Lipstick on teeth is a bit harsh. I wouldn’t call it a career ending blunder.