The Chic Fashionista

The Chic Fashionista reads and feels like an informercial site. However in amongst all the selling and hype are some useful ideas.

There’s a huge post on wardrobe essentials here. She says this list is the minimum you need. Either I need to buy a lot more clothes, or her list is way too big. It reads to me like every possible item of clothing you could have, not what you should have.

Her take on body shapes is here. I think this sums up the whole idea of body shapes pretty much:

The correct clothing cut and style as well as outfit coordination help flatter your body figure, making your silhouette appear balanced (top and bottom body) as well as creating a defined waist which is considered the fashion ideal.

Tips for me with my “inverted triangle body shape”:

  • Make legs look bigger – prints and textures, details, pleats at hips. Wide and flared jeans. Light colours. Fuller skirts. A line.
    • If you do wear skinnies, cuffs and shoes can balance things out.
  • Soften shoulders – Soft, drapey and weighty fabrics. Fine gauge knits. Wide straps. Collar-less shirts. Cardigans. Nipped jackets.
    • Focus on tops, dresses, sweaters, tops, shirts and jackets that extend past your hip-line. Why? Because they help balance out your wide shoulders by bringing the attention away from that area
    • Low U and V necklines. Rather than wide. Or a long pendant necklace or scarf

This makes a lot of sense to me, but I don’t agree with everything in this site. For example: “You can’t go wrong with a jumpsuit/romper”? Totally disagree.

What I’m wondering is:

Can someone else provide you with an essentials list?

Or does everyone have to build their own?

Me? I’m filing this site under “Too much advertising”.