Jigsaw Pieces

Here’s a couple of other gorgeous things I saw at Jigsaw:

jigsaw 4

Ballet Panel Dress                                                                        Button Broderie Sleeveless Shift

The panel dress is gorgeous – just a bit high waisted for me (I’m tall).

I loved the shift dress. Quite short. Really cute. Just too expensive for what would be for me a casual dress.

Cotton Broderie Tee                                                                       Cocoon Sleeveless Top

The broderie tee has a lovely pattern, and a nice wide neckline. A really nice cut

The cocoon top has an inner layer so you don’t get a side-boob view. A nice basic.

This Contrast Melon Clutch is a great colour in real life. A grown-up take on the colour blocking trend (and you can hide the shoulder strap).