Top Knot!

My fall back hairstyle has always been the “top knot”. Great for days when I haven’t straightened my hair or haven’t washed it in days. There is an art to the top knot…

I like a big messy knot like this (maybe a little less messy?):


I don’t like it too tidy, tight and small:


Nor a “Croydon facelift”:

croydon facelift

You don’t want the bun to be TOO small or TOO big:

top knot 2                 top knot 1

You don’t want the bun TOO far back or TOO far forward:

top knot 3                   top knot 4

You don’t want a bun that sticks up weird or is not connected to your head:

top knot 6                       top knot 5

You want it just right:

top knot 8                       top knot 7

top knot 11                    top knot 10


top knot 9