Take me to the ball

If I was invited to a ball…ever…I would wear one of these dresses.

Why? I love the Japanese waist band effect. The white contrast against the turquoise. Needs some white or brown shoes. The necklace is too blah.


Why? I like the sheer sleeves – I have fat armpits. True! Great chunky belt. Great clutch.

Why? I love the colour and fabric “pattern”. The bodice is too loose and just a bad sack shape.

Why? I love the maroon dress. And I just love Tina and Amy.

Why? Actually…. I just love her from spy kids. And I think I’d like the dress if it was NOT grey and ALL patterned. I like the cut of the dress. It’s the colour that really wrecks it.

Why? I like how this doesn’t feel too uptight. She looks comfortable.

Why? I love Helen Mirren. Great dress. Great hair. Great earrings. Great.

Why? The dress is ok. Love the fabric colour and pattern. Not a huge fan of where the bodice sits. Needs a bit longer bodice. What I really think makes this outfit is her hair and earrings.

Why? This would be perfect, with a lower slit. The big slit ruins it. Love her slightly 60’s hair.

Why? Um. I just like the belt against the fabric colour.

Why? This dress would be perfect, on a brunette, without the dragging train.


Photos from Go Fug Yourself.