I have just finished reading Grace Coddington’s memoir:


I imagine like the vast majority of readers of this book, I first heard of her via the film The September Issue. So I was surprised to learn of her career as a model before she became a stylist. She really has lived two life-times.


Her stories of her time as a model are fascinating. Amazing parties. Flying to France in a small plane for lunch. Just living the dream. Then the party ended… Pretty sad really. But at least she had a fantastic time before the fun stopped.


Reading how she got the job at Vogue UK just confirms my suspicion that to get these kind of jobs is more about who you know than what you know. Perhaps fair enough. Perhaps you need lots of contacts in order to do these jobs?

Also I enjoyed finding out how much effort goes behind her photos for Vogue. Amazing, but also so decadent.

I loved the illustrations that she did throughout this book