Valentine’s Day

Instead of Valentine’s Day, why not try a little Hair Romance?

I found the Hair Romance web-site during my hunt for new things to read. Even though I don’t think I could read about hair every day of my life, it is still a good site to be aware of in times of need. For hair styling inspiration.

I really need to sort out my hair at the moment – which probably explains why Hair Romance appealed to me. My last haircut? I tried going shorter and it was a dismal fail. I need to find a decent hairdresser in Sydney who can deal with lost causes. Or a wig.

Am I too old for hair chalk? It looks like fun:

If Helen has gone pink, can’t I?



I am looking at heaps of sites. Not finding many that I like – which is neither good nor bad. Just is. Working out what I like is hard for me. I’m self-awareness challenged.

Another rule I’ve realised during my hunt is that I don’t like sites just full of magazine images of models. I prefer street style, and actual wearable clothes. Though I feel a bit like a kettle saying that. But, hey, I just realised it, and also, in my defence, reading a blog is different to creating one… Anyways. Will keep looking.