On the street

I have a collection of “street style” web-sites that I regularly look at. They are:

Elle – Edited collections of photos based on city or trend.


Fabsugar – Daily stories on street styles


WhoWhatWear – StyleStalker and WhatTheyWear pages show celebrities and models in their ‘civilian’ gear.


Style.comTommy Ton for all the action outside all the fashion shows.


Vanessa Jackman – another “street photographer”. I love her taste.


The Locals – fashion on the streets captured by Søren Jepsen, creator of Copenhagen Streetstyle.


StyleSightings: Street – Street trends.


Sure, there are other street style blogs that are probably more popular – The Satorialist, Garance Dore, Streetpeeper, Facehunter – but in my list are the websites that have great variety and don’t have too many rubbishy outfits and show age-appropriate clothes. I know inspiration can come from unlikely sources but sometimes I just get sick of the silly and the ugly and the self-published.

These days before I commit to buying any item of clothing or footwear online, I first search google images. I always include either the search term “street” or “blog” so that I can see similar items on a “real” person.