Grow up

One of the challenges being over 40, is remaining fashionable without being tragic.

Here’s my latest theory how to keep it age-appropriate for me.


  • Never wear head-to-toe trends – I accidentally did this the other day. Felt ridiculous as soon as I realised.
  • Cute.
  • Studs.
  • Neon.
  • See-through (without a nice under layer).
  • T-shirts with slogans. Except at the gym.
  • Hair much longer than shoulder length.
  • Poker straight hair. Emphasises my wrinkles.
  • Camouflage print.
  • Show my knees at formal occasions.
  • Wacky. I think there are just some trends that are only for the kids.

With caution

  • Tough moto or leather jackets. I use scarves to soften the look.
  • Trainers outside of the gym. Plimsole type shoes are ok.
  • Skinny jeans. Only with butt covering jacket or knitwear.
  • Thongs – the shoes. I feel bad saying this as I live in my thongs but I accept I do have to stop or at least cut down. My mum never wears thongs… And I think as you age there comes a time when you shouldn’t wear them. Or maybe you can’t wear them as you need orthotics.

I embrace my age. I love being over 40. This isn’t about hiding my age, it is about accurately representing my age. I’m not a kid anymore and I don’t want to be.