Wardrobe 101

Wardrobe 101

I have been thinking a lot recently around how to build a wardrobe, and have developed an approach that works for me.

The steps are:

1. Choose a look:

Identify “LOOKS” that suit my body type, colouring and age.

2. Use what I’ve got:

Identify what items are in my wardrobe that I would put on NOW (not another day, now).

3. Decide on my ten uniforms:

Define TEN outfits using my NOW clothes based upon my chosen LOOKs.

4. Fill any gaps:

Buy whatever is required to make the TEN outfits work.

Behind this theory is a lot of thought:

Thoughts around how to avoid buying clothes I rarely wear. Should I really give away clothes I like but just never seem to wear? How to avoid that panic in the morning when I have 5 minutes to get dressed and can’t work out what to wear. I don’t need a flexible wardrobe, I need a uniform. If I wear the same outfit every day into work they are going to notice. If I have 10 outfits that’s a repeat every 2 weeks, noone will notice that! Mixing and matching is too hard for me (when I have 5 minutes)…

I will document the results of my theory in later posts.


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