Wardrobe 101: What I’ve got now

Wardrobe 101

Continuing my series of posts on my new theory of how to build a work wardrobe; one that allows you to take 5 minutes to get dressed in the morning, and helps simplify the shopping process…

In this post, I’m showing you what I’ve got now,

that I love:


Moto jackets.

river image4xxl
ASOS black tweed, ASOS grey tweed, also a grey linen one.

Chanel style jacket.

From Trenery.


20130324-100625.jpg dark blueFree-Shipping-2012-NEW-Korea-Summer-Casual-All-Match-OL-Trousers-Khaki-Pants-Fashion-Slim-Skinny

Skinny jeans (Saba black, FCUK dark blue, FCUK light blue) + cropped brown pants.

Button down shirts.



Witchery dotted, Seed blue, J Crew chambray perfect shirt and a few white ones.



This purple one from Sportscraft, a blue one and a grey/beige one.

Long cardigans.



I love these. I have a green, a grey and a black one.

Denim jacket.


Gap army jacket.

gap 1

Shell tops.


From Trenery – 2 white, 2 blue, 1 tan.

Stripey tops

saba-stripe-long-sleeve-teetshirt 9

Saba black & white. Plus a beige & blue one and a grey & white (from Revolve).

Lots of shoes


Hudson boots, Ash boots, blue pumps, green loafers, black pumps, brown pumps, snakeskin pumps and knee high boots.

Loads of scarves:


And one silver bag.

rebecca minkoff

Wardrobe 101

The aim here is to focus on the future. In an ideal future I only wear clothes that I look forward to wearing; where I can get dressed quickly because I’m not putting on things I hate; where my wardrobe is not filled up with junk so I can’t see what I need to buy. That’s what this step is about.