The over 40 edit. A to H.

My latest research endeavour has been to work my way through the ginormous list of fashion blogs for the over 40’s at The Citizen Rosebud.

I ended up with the following edit of blogs:

  1. Does my bum look 40 in this – my favourite blog. I look forward to every post.
  2. Girls of a Certain Age – one of my favourites
  3. She’s Addicted to Clothes – a new favourite.
  4. 40s Style – fashion, beauty and style inspiration.
  5. Beverly like Hills – love her outfits
  6. The Style Confessions – lovely illustrations and images
  7. Fashion for Giants – she’s just gorgeous
  8. Allways in Fashion – loads to read
  9. The Vivienne Files – annoying layout, but a whole rainbow of polyvore sets
  10. A Femme d’un Certain Age – great details with a french twist
  11. Bourbon & Pearls – gorgeous images, old and new
  12. Chic At Any Age – I love what she chooses
  13. Dressed Her Days Vintage – a good read
  14. Ephemera – she has a awesome wardrobe
  15. Life and Style after 40 – because style doesn’t stop at 40 or size 4.
  16. Fish Monkey’s Writing Stuff – Fiction. Fashion. Foolishness.
  17. Flattering 50 – My mission: To find fashion for women over 50 that exudes sophistication, energy, and a continued sense of wonder
  18. Fort Smith Stylista – lovely illustrations
  19. Frantic but Fabulous – fab outfit ideas from a fashionista
  20. Happiness at Mid-life – Alice’s outfits are very inspirational
  21. Highland Fashionista -Just say no to sweatpants, put down the polar fleece, and back slowly away from the mom jeans.

Basic Criteria:
– the blog wasn’t half filled with ads or broken links
– the blog was updated in the last fortnight
– each blog entry didn’t start: sorry I’ve been busy

– either I found myself reading each entry
– or I loved the images. There was good photography or advanced styling or illustrations or links to shopping items that matched my taste.

I only got up to “H”. Stay tuned for I to Z.

UPDATE: Check out my up to date list here.


  1. Hello Me 🙂
    Thanks for including me on your list. You put in a lot of time compiling this list and I appreciate your choices. It’s your own personal 40 over 40 list (it may be over 40 once I to Z are completed). Anyways, I’m glad I found you:)

  2. Hi Me.
    Back again but not in a stalker sort of way. Well, maybe.
    I just went thru the last few months of your blog. You are very enjoyable and have a great eye for style 🙂

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