The Over 40 edit. I to Z

Continuing my list of Over 40 Fashion blogs – sites edited from the longer list on The Citizen Rosebud:

  1. J’adore Couture – I don’t, but I like this blog.
  2. Metscan
  3. My Small Wardrobe – love her outfits
  4. Passage de Perles – interesting read
  5. Privilege – clever
  6. Project Minima – love the art references
  7. Samantha Stas – gorgeous stuff
  8. Shoe Daydreams – extraordinary shoes
  9. ShoppeGirls
  10. Simply Sassy
  11. Silver Girl
  12. Street Style London: Photos by Jill – blog + street style
  13. Style Seer
  14. Style Goes Strong
  15. Styling You – This is the blog that started it all for me.
  16. Tamera Beardsley – I love this
  17. Taxonomy of My Wardrobe – interesting style
  18. Teacher Goes Back to School – education and yoga
  19. That’s Not My Age – love her style
  20. The Closet Shopper
  21. The Dutch Lady of Fashion
  22. The Online Stylist
  23. Truly Becoming
  24. Une Femme d’un Certain Age– not to be confused with A Femme d’un Certain Age
  25. We Shop Therefore We Are
  26. Zhush – interior zhushing too.
  27. Zickimicki – great images make up for the fact that I can’t read a word.

So that’s it. 48 blogs in total (21 in my first post). Originally I had even more than this but I actually went back through the list and culled about 20.

So, there you go, 48 sites full of interesting writing, great styling, things found and captured.

Thank you ladies.

UPDATE: Check out my up to date list here.