Some Days

This blog is a place for me to be grateful and focus on things I like. (I’m one of those people who focus on everyone else so I don’t know what I like).


But, just for once, I will mention the bad:

I have a degenerated disk in my back, and the pain has been constant.
Someone in my family has multiple myeloma.
My daughters friendship group have been bullying each other all year.
I can NOT give up sugar.
I’m just not into clothes at the moment. Too busy.

But then….
The pain isn’t so bad that I need pain killers (all the time)
Old family wounds have been healed in the face of death
My daughter has behaved so well. I am proud of her.
I will give up sugar. One day.
I’m saving money by not buying clothes!


Inspired by Kendi Everyday.