I started

So I’ve started… quitting sugar. I haven’t quit yet so I haven’t yet experienced the benefits of being sugar-free, but I have cut down.


Changes made so far to my worst sugar habits….

I’m having toast (Burgen) with butter and Vegemite, or porridge made with water and half a banana.
Gone is marmalade and juice.

I’m having nuts or cheese as often as I can.
I’ve stopped having Boost juices and frozen yoghurt.

Still to go…..My mini twirls with my cup of tea after dinner! Though I’ve skipped a few (by going to bed straight after dinner).

I have gone back to reading David Gillespie‘s book (The Sweet Poison Quit Plan), rather than Sarah Wilson‘s. I’m enjoying reading about the scientific studies. I love that stuff. I’ve started to build a list of OK food from his book where it matches what I already eat.

I actually find I’m applying a lot of the knowledge to my daughters diet. Turns out it’s a lot worse than mine. All that healthy juice and yoghurt she’s been having… Might as well been having coke and a mars bar.

Still. I’m feeling positive. I thought I couldn’t do it. But I’m slowly chipping away at it. Each time I read, I learn a bit more, and apply what I’ve learnt. I’m hoping by changing the easy things – like Vegemite for marmalade – by the time I reach the hard steps – like giving up the Twirls – it will be easier. I will be less hooked.