Life After Life. Re-read

I’m going to have to re-read Kate Atkinson’s book: Life After Life.


It is one of those books which bear a second reading so you can chase up all the minor details. I’ve been thinking about it for days. Such a clever book.

It is also one of those books which are “slow” to start. I almost gave up about three times. Then I got to a certain point and was hooked, and finished it at 1am on a week night. It is one of those books where you have to trust the author, or at least the people who review the book. Reading is to some extent about trusting that it is worth giving up your time, to spend it on the book.

Some sections are “slower” than others which has got me pondering the point of including them. Why go down certain paths? Why were they included in the book?

Here’s an interesting review in The Guardian, which is good to read after you’ve read the book.