Big shoulders?

Some interesting examples of the impact of colour and cut using J Crew shirts.

Colour and pattern can be used to emphasise or hide your top half:

20130714-103941.jpg     20130714-103936.jpg

Sleeve length is important. Cap sleeves always make your shoulders look bigger:
20130714-104010.jpg    20130714-104004.jpg

The longer sleeve takes the focus away from the chest:

20130714-103952.jpg       20130714-103947.jpg

Bigger, round necklines make shoulders look smaller:

20130714-103930.jpg    20130714-104032.jpg

These shirts are perfect – great colour, neckline, sleeve length:


20130714-160250.jpg      20130714-103925.jpg


Even better are collared shirts and knits:

20130714-104039.jpg     20130714-104045.jpg