Style thoughts

Some thoughts on Style.


1. Don’t overdo it. Don’t under do it. Style sits somewhere between fashion victim and mom jeans. Fashion can be fun and inspire you to try new things. At the very least, it is good to know when something is seriously uncool.

2. Choose clothes that flatter. Buy clothes that hide what you don’t like and emphasize what you do. Know your body shape. Take photos of your outfit and experiment. Consider fit, cut, colour and pattern.


3. Prepare outfits in advance. Not always, but it is good to have some fall back outfits for key events: Casual party. Monday at work. Visiting friends in jail. It also helps when shopping to have some outfits in mind.

fashion victim

4. Go for variety. Try not to wear a uniform; don’t wear the same thing every day. Mix it up.

5. Be interesting. You need to have something of interest in what you wear – shoes, earrings, necklace, belt or scarf. One, two, maybe three accessories. No more. If you wear glasses, don’t wear big earrings.


6. Quality. You can’t be scruffy and stylish. That includes your shoes.

7. Hair and makeup. Spend at least 2 minutes on it. Try and match your outfit, age and context. Don’t over do it. Blend!

8. Respect yourself. You could be prime minister one day. Don’t show too much skin – cleavage, back or legs. Show one (or none).

9. Be yourself. If you don’t love it, if you feel uncomfortable, if it isn’t “you”, don’t buy it. Don’t wear it.

If you love it, but it is uncool, wear it anyway.