Some good things in the world are:

Swimming. I try and swim /walk in the water a couple of times a week. I love how clean my skin feels afterwards. (Plus I’m thrilled there is a new swimming page in The Guardian).


Book tasters“. My mum is my “book taster”. If she likes a book, then I will read it. If I’m not sure about spending time on a book, I get mum to read it first and tell me if it is worth persisting.

For example, I read a sample of the new J.K.Rowling / Robert Galbraith book, The Cuckoo’s Calling, and wasn’t super impressed. Mum assured me that it gets better after the first chapter. One sleepless night later, boy was she right! I started reading it again, soon got hooked, and I read non-stop till the next morning. I really enjoyed it.


House interiors porn. A new (to me) favourite house interiors web-site: Houzz.

11x11 House exterior