Shopping Lists

Having just discovered Atterley Road (thanks to Kat @ Does My Bum Look 40), I wondered what other great online shops I was missing out on?


First I went to Vogue UK (as Atterley Road had an icon saying that it was “Voted 5th in Vogue’s Top 100 Online Stores”), but from what I could see of the Vogue list, it didn’t include the kind of shops I use at all (even for inspiration, let alone actually buying things).


This list of the Top 50 Most Popular Shopping global web-sites (based on traffic) @ My App Magazine was interesting. It includes Amazon (1), Etsy (4), Gap (16), ASOS (26), Forever 21 (39), Shopbop (46), MyHabit (45), Net-a-porter (47). But there was nothing really new or exciting in the list.


I found a list of the Top 20 Australian Online Shops @ Smart Money – I have to say that I have never heard of the top 3 sites, but this list includes all types of shops. Not just fashion. The fashion sites are: The Iconic, Shoes of Prey, StyleTread and Westfield. Still nothing new.


Next I tried Elle UK (as I look at the street style section sometimes). Their list of 20 shops included more inspirational, boutique sites, which was much closer to what I was looking for.


This Cosmopolitan article reminded me that there is more than the straight up shopping concept – such as daily flash sales / deals sites, and monthly jewellry / shoe clubs..



Perhaps the best list I found was at 40+ Style.


Still looking!