Four Hour Work Week

As my career change research continues, I have been lost in the Four Hour Work Week blog.


The blog is from the same guy, Tim Ferris, who wrote the book: The Four Hour Work Week.

The blog is great as it has so many amazing, fascinating stories of success. It makes me wonder if I should spend some time trying to get one of my ideas off the ground. The blog is enjoyable because it is full of people not held back by worries or fears. They’ve made mistakes, sure, but they’ve given it a go.

One of the criticisms of the Four Hour Work Week book is that the definition of “work” is ‘things you don’t want to do’. If you enjoy doing it, then it doesn’t count as work (according to the book). I’m stuck as I’m not sure I like anything enough, that if I did it every day, I wouldn’t grow to hate it. I don’t think I can base my career plans on pleasure, because I’m really bad at guessing what makes me happy. Normally it is the people I work with that make or break a job for me – which has nothing to do with my career choice. Or very little.

In my own career changing research, I’ve been wondering whether to stick with what I know – the job I’ve been doing all these years and am good at, but I will never get rich doing it. Or should I try something crazy and unknown with the potential to get rich?