I borrowed the Michelle Bridges book Crunch Time from the library but ended up buying it, because it has such a good program of exercises to do at home.


However the part of the book that has unexpectedly impacted me is the front part where she has a series of questions about why you want to lose weight and confronting those excuses. What surprised me was the revelation (to me) that I don’t want to lose weight. Well not enough to go on a diet. I eat okish. Salad for lunch. Lots of veggies. I don’t drink. I don’t like lollies, chips or ice cream. But I love chocolate. And I just realised that I am not prepared to give that up. I don’t care enough. I am happy to exercise every day, and do my best to look after myself. But I am not giving up my chocolate. And so I guess, my weight won’t be going down any time soon. (And I won’t be quitting sugar any time soon).

It has been liberating to just stop trying to lose weight and to stop trying to force myself to do something that, actually, I don’t want to do. And to accept the consequences of that decision. And to move on.