Recently I’ve struggled with the gratitude. I’ve been scraping the bottom of the barrel to find things to be grateful for – which actually makes me feel worse. When my gratitude is for pathetically small things.

But I have learnt that the bad times don’t last. It is just a matter of hanging in there.

‘Sculptures by the Sea’ is back on in Sydney. This always brings me joy.

  • Walking.
  • Beaches.
  • Art.

Three things I love.

After a year of struggling with free style I’m finally getting comfortable with my breathing and speed.

I take long breaks at each end but I no longer think I’m going to drown mid-way.


My Family.
My family does drive me nuts. But there are moments where you cut through the crap and feel the connection. Kind of like squabbling with a sibling, then someone threatens them, and without thought you unite to repel the external threat.


I’m glad I didn’t give up.