My Walking Gear.
At the moment I am grateful that …. I have the time to exercise for a couple of hours most days. It is keeping me sane. I walk for at least an hour then swim as many laps as I can of the local pool before boredom hits me. No matter what my state of mind at the start, by the end I am cheerful.

My walking gear brings me great joy especially my hat, shirt, sunscreen and insect repellant.


They make all the difference.

I know it is american cultural imperialism. But it also a great chance to meet all your neighbours. Planning my daughters costume took days and was a great way to get creative. She enjoyed it so much. The yelling “trick or treat”. The funny decorations. The lollies.


The relaxed pant.
I have fully embraced the relaxed pant. This pair from Seed is perfect.


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