As a regular swimmer, I have a few cozies (bathing costumes). My favourite shape is the “tankini” (tank top + bikini pants!) as they are easy to get into and out of, but don’t expose too much skin – important if you swim laps in an outdoor pool in Australia.

My favourites:

speedo tankini

1) Speedo. Their cozies just work for me – no weird chafing around the shoulder, they don’t fall down if I dive. They last for years.

2) Billabong. I just bought one of these as I have terrible tan lines from my Speedos around my shoulders, which I am hoping this cozie will help minimise with its wider set straps.


3) MiracleSuit. Want to hear my justification for a $250 cozie? My daughter is having a pool party this year and I don’t want to embarrass her.


Terrible, isn’t it? Using my own child as an excuse.