While I don’t do OOTD (outfit of the day!), I do regularly visit OOTD sites.

Sometimes I find these sites inspiring. Sometimes depressing. It depends upon how I feel that day.

Some days I think only photogenic people actually have OOTD web-sites. Ugly people don’t do OOTD because they know no one wants to look at them.

Some days I think these sites are great because they show real people (not photo-shopped models). The world would be better if there were more of these sites and less magazines.


I have some old favourites (Kendi Every Day, Does My Bum Look 40, Beverly Like Hills),
but this week I decided to look for some different, inspiring, not depressing blogs. Here’s a few that I’ve found.

My Small Wardrobe.

Black and White Patterns Outfit

The Highland Fashionista


What I Wore


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