Take a break

Every day, at the start of the day, I plan at least one activity for myself that will make me feel good.

Every day.

I look for something that is either pleasurable or I feel a sense of accomplishment when it is done. So sometimes my treat is cleaning the bathroom. Really.

It is such a small habit but the impact has been huge.


Often it is a swim or a walk. (One hour is only 4% of a day!). Sometimes it is a cup of tea in peace. Or a lie in the park on the grass for 5 minutes looking at the trees. Or a coffee by the beach looking at the ocean. Sometimes it is updating this site.

What I have found is that having scheduled in this treat, I have something to look forward to. Even if the rest of the day is horrible, I have ensured there is one good thing.

Plus the act of consciously taking care of myself is such an important habit to get into. I have found doing it regularly helps to reinforce caring for myself, which I haven’t done in the past. It keeps me sane.

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