Whenever I get some spare time I forget all the things I meant to do when I had some free time.


So I have started keeping a list:

  1. Look for shapes in the clouds.
  2. Go to the beach and look at the ocean.
  3. Have a cup of tea/ coffee.
  4. Visit the library.
  5. Browse a book store.
  6. Go for a walk.
  7. Try and meditate.
  8. Listen to an audio book.
  9. Play Bedazzle or Mah Jong.
  10. Clean the house.
  11. Sweep.
  12. Write down all the things bugging me.
  13. Write a To Do list.
  14. Online window shopping for clothes.
  15. Look at Interior design web sites – Houzz, Desire to Inspire.
  16. Imgur.
  17. Read a book from my “to read” pile.
  18. Re-read a favourite book.
  19. Swim.
  20. Nap.
  21. Listen to music.
  22. Look at old videos or photos.
  23. Watch an old movie.
  24. Take a shower.
  25. Hug someone in my family.
  26. Get a facial.
  27. Do a sudoku or a crossword puzzle.
  28. Call a friend.
  29. Buy stationery.
  30. Browse Facebook.
  31. Browse book reviews on Amazon or Goodreads.
  32. Think of 3 things to be grateful for.
  33. Look at my favourite fashion / over 40 blogs.
  34. Do a body scan relaxation.
  35. Stretch.
  36. Looking at online magazines – the Atlantic, NYTimes, the Guardian, Brain Pickings.

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