Back to Work – Dress

I have been looking for inspiration for my work clothes, but I have found it hard to find examples that aren’t too casual or too short or too fashion blogger.

This post shows some examples of the kind of dresses I am looking for in order to look more professional at work.


This first dress (from Saba) is perfect- it is knee length, subtle (i.e. boring) colour, and has sleeves. It is very rare.


The rest of these dresses meet the brief except they don’t have sleeves, which is annoyingly common in work wear. (Why?) Anyway the solution is to wear a jacket with them, so it’s not exactly rocket science. Just more expensive (oh, that’s why). 1101486_blackwhite_b C9844-988-5629_480X570NEW E190.14W.6758_BLACK_2_medium


They are just SO dull aren’t they? I guess this is where belts and amazing jewellry, shoes, bags and scarves come into it. (more expense!)

I love this last dress, but the pleating would look too bulky with a jacket.