Back to Work – Handbags

You need a decent handbag as a consultant when visiting new clients for the first time. (You are judged on how you look. It is just how the world works. Especially the business world). So here are some work bags – not too trendy, grown-up, goes with a jacket or suit, classy:

Firstly, a clutch from Marcs. These are some of my favourite bags. Well made. Long lasting.A601.14W.8621_CREAM_2_medium

As always, Saba deliver a simple, functional, grown-up bag. Great for carrying tablets and notepads to meetings:waw1434_grey_a

The cute wing tote bags from Trenery fit A4 documents:


But, the best selection of all has to be at Jigsaw. I could use all of these bags.

jigsaw 1 jigsaw 2 jigsaw 3