Well, fair to say that I am not going to win a blogging award anytime soon. Today it is raining and I don’t feel like going outside ….so here’s what I’m grateful for:

House painting.


I have started painting the outside of our house. First it was just the back fence. Now I’ve started on the timber fretwork on the front verandah.

I didn’t start for ages because it seemed so overwhelming a job. First, I just read online guides on how to paint exteriors and what you need. That gave me the confidence to brave the hardware store and to buy all the stuff I needed. Then there was no excuse. I just found myself one day with a free hour and so I started. Didn’t let myself think about it. Just did it.

Now I’m hooked.

Because it is outside, I don’t have to be too careful. Noone is going to look too closely at a fence. It is so much fun to just slap the paint on, and it all looks so much better.

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