Moving forward?

I have made little progress in my career plan. I love my current job so I struggle to find any way forward. I like where I am, but it is kind of a rut.


This article in the SMH spoke to me:

Overcoming a professional and/or personal mid-life crisis is not easy. But some simple steps can help those affected find a path to recovery, says Kennedy. “Start with owning that you are in a crisis, and admitting you are going through a massive change. ….

“Then decide to rebuild and find something you can be passionate about that will give you purpose and direction. We all evolve and change, we all grow and continue to learn new things, so it is time to just acknowledge it, get some support and move forward.”

However, I have two problems:

One. This article in Psychology Today convinced me that mid-life crises don’t really exist.

Two. In the past, random job offers have always worked out better than jobs I have deliberately sought. So the temptation is just to wait until the next offer comes along. I feel like jobs I find for myself are never as good as jobs that appear out of the blue. Logical? No. But even though I know that, I still can’t choose.