Back to work – Five outfits

The work wardrobe planning continues. I have come up with five ideal outfits.

Outfit One.

I love this green shirt. It is a lovely, flow-y silk type fabric. Combining it with the white skirt really makes the outfit interesting.

Workwear - green



Freya Skirt

Serena Bracelet

Metal Trim Ballerina

Esmie Necklace

Outfit Two.

This skirt pattern is perfect. Interesting but still professional. I like combining the blue with the beige bag.

Workwear - blue





Textured ballerina Jigsaw

Outfit Three.

Pink is not always the best colour in the work place, but I like the longer line shirt with the slim, cropped pants.

Workwear - pink

Witchery red top




Snake Ballerina

Metal Mesh Cuff

Witchery Ear Knot Stud

Outfit Four.

I already have most of this outfit. Just not the accessories – I probably wouldn’t get these shoes, because they are a bit too cute (but I am sorely tempted – the tassels are perfect). The longer line of the collar on the jacket and the long skirt are flattering to taller, big shouldered people like myself.

Workwear - smart casual

Cropped jacket

White t shirt

Witchery black skirt

Chatsworth bag Jigsaw

Roselyn Bracelet


Outfit Five.

Every one needs one super formal outfit – for meeting the CEO or for a meeting with men in suits. No flowers, no pink, no dangly bracelets. I would even consider removing the bow on the shoes. Simply business. Up close the shirt has a subtle interesting pattern and the suit has a slight texture to it, but it is all very subtle.

Workwear - formal




Tote bag

Caitlin Necklace

Of course many of these pieces can be mixed and matched – the grey jacket with the black pants, etc etc.I’d hate to add up how much this costs, but it shows why a professional wardrobe is a significant investment, and so if you can plan ahead and think smart, there is money to be saved. Not to mention a professional impression to be conveyed.