Back to Work.

So this week I have been back at actual proper work – where I sit in an office and take coffee breaks, and look up and it is 6pm and time to go home – and then I spend thirty minutes on the train playing Threes.


An office where I can’t wear shorts and a t-shirt.

I have absolutely LOVED being at work. I am not meant to be a lady of leisure. Though I must say only working 3 days a week would be nice. It would give me time to go to pilates or swim more often. For now though, I’d take work over leisure. You can have too much leisure.

On the work wardrobe side, luckily I had done my research so I was able to swoop into the store the day before I started and purchase some of the items in my outfit plans. I didn’t end up buying the formal suit (outfit 5) because the office is smart casual. (Which makes me wonder does anyone actually dress up in the full-on formal suit anymore?) I didn’t buy any of the accessories or shoes, as I have loads already.

Except I could not resist this bracelet from Saba:

I bought this  as a reward to myself for meeting some exercise goals I had.

Being able to buy things like this without feeling guilty is what working is all about.